B#ID is your digital identity. You own and control it. It is uniquely yours. Nobody can take it from you. You decide what to share and with whom.

⦁ UNIVERSAL: b#IDs are universal keys and can identify all the people, organizations, places, or things across complex systems. 
⦁ UNIQUE: Every b#ID is a unique universal Primary Key for the same entity across any data system. Each b#ID references only one specific entity. They are portable across blockchains allowing complex digital ecosystems to sync up. 
⦁ REGISTERED: b#IDs are registered, indexed, searchable, and show that they are ‘real’ by matching bundles of data from many independent databases.
⦁ FREE: b#IDs are free. It costs nothing to create, assign, or receive a b#ID. 
⦁ OPEN: b#IDs are based on an open infrastructure and enable free data exchange between users based on their own permissions.
⦁ ACCESSIBLE: b#IDs are globally accessible, correlate data with other b#IDs, reveal the dynamics between actors and elements, and link transactions.
⦁ INTEROPERABLE: b#IDs are common denominators that allow databases to cross-reference each other to create new levels of strategic insight.
⦁ PROTECTED: The data rights of each b#ID are protected by the B#Foundation.
⦁ COMMUNITY: b#IDs create digital communities: People identify and verify themselves. Every organization, place and thing is mapped to the people who interact with them. Communications can be sent up and down the chain.